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Q-Do you offer other styles of counseling other than face-to-face?

A-Yes, Begin ANEW offers Virtual & Phone Sessions but Face-to-Face is preferred(temporarily not available).

Q-If a cancellation is needed when is it best to do it?

A-All cancellations must be done 24hrs before the scheduled appointment.

Q-Do you mentor/counsel Teens?

A-Yes, Begin ANEW enjoys working with Adolescents/Teenagers from 14-19yrs of age.

Q-How long has Begin ANEW, LLC been in business?

A-In 2013 Dr. Tosha Anderson set in motion to create Begin ANEW, LLC.

Q-What type of payments do you accept?

A-Begin ANEW accepts PayPal(via website), Credit card(via Square reader), Cash App & Checks.

Q-What type of clients do you serve?

A-At Begin ANEW we serve Couples (engaged, dating, and married), Individuals and Teens.

Q-Does Begin ANEW accept Ins.?

A-Begin ANEW does not accept Insurance.

Q-Are Saturday hours available for service?

A-At Begin ANEW being flexible for our busy clients is important therefore Saturday hours are available on a needed basis.

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